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Rafting on the Black Drim

Rafting on the Black Drim

The rafting boating recreation is conducted by experienced scouts - instructed by the IPO ``Krste John`` from Struga.
Rafting is performed for a group of 6 people.
Visitors will be able to get acquainted with the specifics of the terrain of the Black Drim, the flora and fauna. With rural areas and untouched nature. They will be informed of important archeological sites in the immediate vicinity and of important landmarks of near and distant history, of significant historical events and persons.
During the recreational rowing, the visitor will be accompanied by a scout who will be in the same boat with them.
After the tour, the visitors return by car to Struga, and if there is an interest a lunch can be arranged in the village. Tashmarunishta or Vevcani.
The price of the service includes:
- Refreshments with seasonal fruits, water and coffee. Departure is in the morning (by agreement). The exit from Struga is by organized transport, and thence to Tashmarunista by rowing downstream. From the village Tashmarunishta, with organized transportation, is returning. The tour lasts between 4-5 hours.
Travel stops and refreshments are possible.
Organizing this tour should be announced in advance and may change depending on the weather.




1200 mkd/person


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