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Basic Policies for stay in Camp SCOUT

Basic Policies for stay in Camp SCOUT – Struga

  1. In the period from May to September, the reception is open every day from 08:00 to 22:00, and vehicles are allowed to enter the camp only during that period. In the period from 22:00 to 8:00 there is a night guard taking care of the safety of the guests. Additionally, the camp has contracted a security agency which further guarantees the peace of the guests.
  2. Reservation in the camp is made via e-mail at, by sending accurate data on the type of accommodation and length of stay, for which you will receive a confirmation e-mail with payment details. The reservation is confirmed by paying at least 1 day from your arrangement.
  3. The payment for the stay in the camp, if it has not been made before, is made in full amount upon the registration at the camp Reception desk. All credit and bank cards are accepted, and the cash payment can be done exclusively in Macedonian denars. For the Diners Club members, payment can be made in 12 equal installments without interest. If you are an American Express card holder, get informed at your bank about the specific refund you will receive from the bank for each payment in the camp.
  4. Reception of guests is done no earlier than 13:00, and check-out is no later than 10:00. Should the visitor need late check out (additional 2-4 hours), then she/he should inform the reception desk in advance and depending on the current capacity at the camp, it can be free of charge or an additional fee may apply not higher than half of the price for one day stay.
  5. Any rented equipment or items from the camp are subject to a security deposit, which is refundable upon check-out. Credit card or cash can be used as a form of deposit. If the rented equipment or items are not returned or damaged, then their value is charged by the deposit or credit card.
  6. All paths in the camp must be free of any objects that could obstruct the movement. It is strictly forbidden to move vehicles in the camp outside the marked vehicle paths. The maximum allowed driving speed in the camp is 5 km / h. Parking of vehicles is allowed only in the provided parking space and daily parking fees apply. In exceptional situations, with the prior approval of the camp receptionist can be allowed to parked outside the marked parking lots. Any damage or traffic accident within the camp is considered the responsibility of the party who caused the accident and legal proceedings will be initiated.
  7. Motorcycles should be parked in an appropriate manner within the planned parking space, whereby their stability should be ensured and all measures will be applied to avoid their falling and causing possible damage to other vehicles nearby.
  8. Damagad vehicles and vehicles with leaks of certain liquids (e.g., oil) will be removed from the camp.
  9. The emptying of the chemical toilets from the caravans is allowed only at a designated place for that purpose. Please inform the reception desk when you need to empty/clean the chemical toilets.
  10. The tent or trailer spaces are determined upon registration in the camp. The change of location is possible if there is free capacity upon approval of the reception desk. The camp reserves the right to change the location of the visitor, if necessary.
  11. It is strictly forbidden to light a fire in the camp, except in the designated fireplace areas. It is necessary to check with the reception desk if you want to use a fireplace. The service is free of charge, but if there is a good reason (strong wind or any threat to the safety of other campers) the receptionist has the right not to allow that service.
  12. If you want to make a barbecue, you can do it only in a space specifically designed for that purpose. The campsite has two designated multiuser barbecue and cooking areas.
  13. The camp has a separate fully equipped kitchen with shared refrigerators which are available to the guests. The guests are obliged to keep it clean and before leaving the camp to remove all items from the refrigerators to provide space for the other guests.
  14. Children under 14 years of age can use the various services in the camp under the supervision of their parents. Children can ride bicycles and scooters within the camp, with the full responsibility for their safety resting with their parents / guardians.
  15. Pets are welcome in the camp for a small additional fee per day. Guests staying with their own tent or caravan have the opportunity to take their pet with them. If you are staying in a facility owned by the camp you should announce in advance that you are coming with a pet, so that the camp can provide you with adequate accommodation. When registering for a stay, the owner must submit a document that the pet is healthy and has the appropriate health examinations and vaccinations and that it is not dangerous to other guests and pets in the camp. The owner is obliged to keep the pet on a leash all the time, or to provide a suitable cage. Pet owners should take the animals out when they need to perform physiological needs, without disturbing other visitors, at a location marked for that purpose. The use of toilets and showers for pets is not allowed.
  16. Quiet hours in the camp are between 14.00 and 16.00, as well as from 22.00 to 07.00.
  17. The power supply is exclusively for lights, radio, TV, charging portable devices and refrigerators. The electricity network throughout the camp is not intended for cooking and heating and may result in interruption of the electricity supply.
  18. The camp is covered with WI-FI signal. You will receive instructions on free network access when registering at the camp. Free access allows you to check your email, receive / send text messages through apps, and visit websites. If you need an internet connection that allows extensive data transfer (YouTube, Netflix, etc., sending / receiving larger files), contact the receptionist to get a password for full broadband access, for which an additional fee is applied.
  19. The camp has a water heating system that provides hot water for the guests 24 hours a day. However, we take care of the environment and kindly ask you to use the water responsively.
  20. The camp has its own hygiene service, but the hygiene largely depends on the campers themselves. We kindly ask you all to help us take care of the hygiene together: to dispose the waste in specially marked places and to take care to leave the common rooms in the camp clean and in the best possible order. At the waste disposal area, you will find special bins for separation of glass, plastic and aluminium. The other types of waste are not separated.
  21. It is not allowed to wash your caravan / trailer, tent or car in the camp. There is a special designated area for that purpose and you need to check with the reception desk.
  22. The camp is not responsible for any damages and losses caused by theft, natural disaster, or force majeure.
  23. By staying in our camp we expect you to respect these rules in order that all of us have a pleasant and unforgettable vacation.


Thank you for taking care of our camp and respect the privacy and rights of all our guests 😊

We wish you a pleasant stay at Camping SCOUT Struga.


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