On the Road to Eel – Archaeological Tour

Archaeological Tour

The surroundings of Struga abound with sites and sites belonging to the cultural heritage from prehistoric times through the Middle Ages to the present day.
Visitors can get acquainted with the lives of the people who first settled on the shores of Lake Ohrid, with early Christian basilicas and mosaics, with medieval fortifications and church architecture, with rich and valuable frescoes.
The ``Eel Road`` excursion is intended as a journey by water, where visitors through the story of the Struga Eel will also be introduced to the cultural values of the past by visiting the exhibition setting in the village. Crows and remnants of the Roman fortress near the village Tashmarunishta.
Departure is in the morning (by agreement), to visit the sites and the road to the village Tashmarunishta, to return back you need about 4-5 hours.
A roadside refreshment or coffee break is also available.
Organizing this tour should be announced in advance and may change depending on the weather.




1200 mkd/person


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