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The offer includes flights from two locations on Jablanica Mountain and two on Galicica Mountain. All takeoff positions are above 1400 m above sea level. The jets from Jablanica Mountain are from the places Trishilka and Krstec, while from the mountain Galicica from the village of Jablanica. Velestovo and the ridge above Trpejca.
The landing on the side of Jablanica is near Struga, and on the side of Galichica on the sports ground of Biljana Springs or on the beach in Ljubanista.
The agency transports tourists from their place of residence to the take-off point and returns them to the agreed place upon landing.
The package that every tourist receives for the price they pay includes:
- T-shirt with logo and year of flight;
- Certificate of Flight certified according to API standards;
- full video of the flight.
The flights are organized and implemented by a certified agency, according to API standards, which conducts training and tandem flights.
Note: Paragliding from the Jablanica and Galicica Mountains is an experience in itself, due to its picturesque terrain and beautiful lake views.
The duration of transport to the destination, flight and final destination is between 3 and 5 hours.
Organizing this tour should be announced in advance and may change depending on the weather.
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4500 mkd/person


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