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Underwater Lake Springs

the Under water lake springs are located 500 meters from the coastline near the town of Struga, Kalishta village, at a depth of between four and 10 meters. The amazing mix of fresh cold water from the underwater springs and the warm water from the lake makes extraordinary scenery for its cleanliness and transparency.
The site visit is carried out in a group of maximum 12 experienced and licensed divers. Because of the water temperature at the location, we encourage you to wear at least 5mm wetsuit or a dry suit. (you can also rent it at the Dive Center SCOUT located within the Campsite. Different sizes are available).
The price of the service includes:


  • Transport to the dive location
  • Dive Master which will guide you trough the dive
  • The diving starts at the shore
  • Refreshments with seasonal fruits, water and coffee.
  • 20 digital photos, short underwater video

Diving in Lake Ohrid is very impressive because of its high visibility, especially in places along the coast where springs are located.
The duration of the activity is between 3 and 5 hours.

Camping Scout reserves the right to cancel any water or underwater activity without prior notice, if the tour guide decides that the weather conditions are not suitable for the activity. In this case the participants will not be charged any fee.


Kalista, Struga






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