One-day (medium-heavy) hiking tour along Jablanica

One-day (medium-heavy) hiking tour along Jablanica

The offer includes a one-day medium-heavy hiking tour along Jablanica Mountain, with visits to the villages of Vevcani and Gorna Belica.
By off-road motor vehicle or bus (depending on the size of the group) travel to the village of Vevcani, where the first activity is to visit the Vevcani springs.
Then continue on foot to the site of Jankov Kamen located at 1300 asl. This mountain route is by land and is 3 km long.
There a short break is made, followed by a walk to the village of Gorna Belica, at a distance of 7 km.
The visit to Upper Belica includes a visit to the local Vlach Museum of Culture and a stroll through the village.
As an additional activity it is possible to arrange a visit to a local house, where aperitifs and appetizers will be served.
After visiting Upper Belica, the group returns to Vevcani on foot. This route is 3 km long.
After arriving in Vevcani, if there is an interest, it is possible to have lunch in one of the local restaurants, where traditional food is served.
After visiting Vevcani, guests return to Struga by car.
As part of the offer, guests will be provided with water and a club sandwich, which will be shared before departure.
Departure at 9h from Scout camp Krste John.
Return to 16h.
Travel by off-road motor vehicle (jeep) or bus (depending on group size).
For part of the tour on foot, light sport equipment (sneakers) is required, and a small backpack for carrying water, food, etc. is also desirable.
Note: Every walk along Jablanica Mountain is a unique experience. Organizing this tour should be announced in advance and may change depending on the weather.



1200 mkd/person


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